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Why Guardians?

We feel strongly that dogs are not their happiest or healthiest when kept in concrete floor kennels and worked a couple times a week. This situation is also not ideal for their joints and proper growth while they are young. For this reason we have implemented the Guardianship Program. This program allows us to have a variety of dogs in our program, to retire them earlier and to have them placed with their "retirement" home from the beginning rather than trying to home an older dog. We always wanted to keep all our dogs, now we realize that's just not fair to the dogs. 

To the left are some pictures of our dog Coal. Coal lived the first 5 years of his life here with us, then we found him an amazing guardian home. Coal transitioned as well as we could have asked for to his new home. There is a lot more needed to successfully place an adult dog, which is one more reason we are moving toward guardianship of some of our breeding dogs. 

Benefits of Guardianship

- Free Boarding 

- A head start on kennel and house training

- Bringing home an older (6 to 12 month) puppy

- Monetary compensation for time away from home

- Head start on manners and hunt training

- Learning about the breeding process

- Compensation for earning hunt test or other AKC titles 

If you are interested in the Guardianship program please read the agreements below and reach out if you have any further questions.

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