Our dogs are paired to produce quality, genetically sound, healthy and intelligent hunting partners. We strive to produce good looking dogs with the drive and trainability to make any owner proud at the house and in the field. 


    All of our pups are whelped and raised in our home and are introduced to feathers by the time you pick them up at 8 weeks old. If the Lab pup is here past 8 weeks we continue training as we would with a puppy we intend to keep. This includes house manners, no biting, sit, down ect. While the pups are here with us they spend lots of time outside, and in. Wherever we go, they go.  


   We provide lots of socialization to our Lab pups so that the transition to their new forever homes goes as smooth as possible. We introduce the puppies to a kennel/crate, different floor surfaces, vacuums, people of all ages, car rides, water, a boat, ducks, trains, duck calls, nail clipping, collars, leashes, and the list goes on. 


   We put a lot of effort into our pups so that they enjoy learning, and are eager to please. The ultimate finish to a well bred, intelligent labrador. 











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