Country Vet Naturals

Canvasback Retrievers believes that each dog is different in what they require on a daily basis. Some dogs need more food, some need less. Some need more excersize than others. What we know is that a quality dog food (along with proper care) will save on trips to the vet, fancy conditioning shampoos and breath freshening treats. Which adds up to you saving money and adding to the quality of your hunting partners life.


We have found that our dogs do the best on food that does not contain a lot of "fillers". Which is why we feed Country Vet. They have a food for every life stage that is full of nutrients and promotes healthy skin and coat. Some of the Countryvet line contains prebiotics and probiotics to aid in digestion and the rest of the ingredients are very similar to more more expensive brands. We have tried many different foods and have come to the realization that it does't have to be expensive to be good. Country Vet Naturals is also made in the USA. 


We purchase our food from Jeff at Elk River Kennels in Elk River MN. Elk river Kennels trains dogs for obedience, hunting waterfowl/upland, boards dogs and offers grooming as well. 


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