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     In order to use one of our stud dogs you will need to have a few things in place before hand. We understand that sometimes heat cycles are late or early.. If you plan to use us, or if we are even an option, you need to contact us before your female is ready to breed! We get a lot of requests that get turned down because the dogs do not have any health clearances. That is not something we will budge on. Clearances are required. No exceptions. We take the health of our dogs and of the puppies we have a part in producing very seriously. Not having certain clearances done on both parents before breeding is taking a risk we are not willing to put our name on.


  • AKC Full Registration 

  • Copy of 4 generation pedigree

  • Hip Certification/Prelim through OFA or Penn Hip

  • Genetic testing for common Labrador diseases EIC, RD/OSD. 

  • A photo of your female

  • A signed stud dog agreement

  • Half of the stud fee down. The remainder is due before the litter is registered. 

  • Negative Brucellosis test within 30 days prior to breeding. 


  • A full inherited traits panel

  • Elbow certification through OFA

  • Prenatal vitamins

  • High quality dog food

There are genetically inherited diseases that will never effect the parent and if both parents carry one copy of the gene, some of the puppies WILL be effected. One of these is EIC. This disease is totally preventable by doing health tests. Check out this video from the U of M for more information

     Another genetically inherited diseases that will cause a ton of heartbreak for the owner and loss of quality of life for the dog is RD/OSD. This specific gene can effect a dog if only inherited from one from parent. Then if it happens to inherit two, the dog is severly effected instead of mildly effected. I had a personal run in with this one when I used a stud that was not tested... Some of the litter did not have any issue, some didn't pass OFA and had a menagerie of other issues. This was the reason I feel so strongly about health testing. As responsible breeders we need to prevent what we can.  Information on RD/OSD Here.

Click here for more information on how and where to complete health testing

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