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      The quality of the food we consume is important. It effects so many aspects of a living beings life, from conception all the way to the rainbow bridge. There are many studies linking the microbiome of the digestive track with health and behavioral issues in humans. I would believe that this rolls over to the digestion of our beloved pets as well. I am always amazed that we do not look at the food as a cause of illness before other factors in ourselves and our pets. 

     Because of this we try to feed our dogs the best possible food, along with some vitamins and probiotics catering to their specific life stage. Not all of the products we use for the dogs are from Life's Abundance but we do enjoy the large list of benefits that Life's Abundance food and supplements provide for us and our animals.


     Some of the benefits we have encountered here while using this food are: quicker recovery time from whelping, ease of weight management, milk production, less frequent baths, less ear cleaning, less eye goobers, less skin irritation, softer fur, better attitudes, feeding less, less shedding and an animal that... almost smells good. Like without a bath or mist, just smells good. These are the benefits that we get when we feed Life's Abundance food. 

     I suggest puppies stay on Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy when they go home, then at between 6 months to a 1 year old they can change over to Life's Abundance All Life Stages. It is not a requirement for our puppies to stay on Life's Abundance. We do offer an extended guarantee if you have Life's Abundance on auto ship through my Life's Abundance website. We do this because there is mounting evidence that the occurrence of hip dysplasia is more environmental (nutrition, activities) than genetic. We do it this way because it allows us to have some proof you were feeding a quality food. Our standard two year hip and elbow guarantee, along with limited lifetime guarantee is still valid if you do not feed Life's Abundance. Food is a huge factor, we hope you understand how much of a factor it is, but genetics still count and we believe our dogs are genetically sound.

     All of our puppies go home with the products we use and love here at Canvasback Retrievers. We feel strongly that you'll love them just as much as we do! These products are far superior to what most pet chain stores sell. I encourage you to compare them! See what products go home with your pup here. We encourage you to use these before buying a bunch of shampoo, food and treats from a box store so you will have your own experience gauging the quality of Life's Abundance products. 

     Did you know that most dog foods, treats AND human foods have food coloring in them in the united states? Seems innocent enough, but these along with other non nutritional ingredients are aimed at selling more product. That's it, no nutritional value. Unfortunately, these ingredients have a large influence in how well our pets and ourselves live and what age we reach. What about that some of the food coloring we use here in the US is banned in other countries because of the health risks it poses? I speak specifically of a brand name macaroni and cheese. I swear, you will be able to find that in a google search. The reason I mention this is simply because Life's Abundance Food is sold based on testimonials and results, not because it has different colored "meat and veggie bits" that are actually not meat or veggies. Life's Abundance foods do not have any food coloring, it's just food and wholesome ingredients that are holistically formulated by industry experts. The testimonials about how amazing the products and the company are provide all the marketing it needs. No flashy colors needed.

     If you have any reservations about making the switch OR keeping your puppy on the Life's Abundance food, please reach out. I am more than happy to answer your questions and see if Life's Abundance is a good fit for you and your pet.



Are you interested in what Life's Abundance can do for you or your pet? If so please fill out the form and I will be in touch!

Thank you! We will contact you shortly.

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