Health Tested, Guaranteed, Labrador Retrievers

      Here at Canvasback Retrievers our dogs are paired and fed to produce quality, genetically sound, healthy and intelligent companions. We strive to produce good looking dogs from a mix of show and field lines with the drive and train ability to make any owner proud at the house and in the field. 


    All of our pups are whelped and raised in our home and are introduced to feathers by the time you pick them up at 8 weeks old. We provide lots of positive experiences to our Lab pups so that the transition to their new forever homes goes as smooth as possible. Some of the things we introduce are a kennel/crate, different floor surfaces, vacuums, people of all ages, car rides, water, ducks, duck calls, nail clipping, collars, leashes, and the list goes on. We also incorporate puppy culture practices into our care of the litters we raise here at Canvasback Retrievers. 

Our dogs are tested for all of the common and some not so common Labrador health issues that are genetically inherited. This, OFA certification and a few other factors help us make good decisions about what dogs to pair. Although these things do not guarantee they will never be effected by anything, it does guarantee they will not ever be effected by certain inheritable diseases. Check out our Guarantee page for more information.  

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