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Health - An exam and shots, done by our veterinarian and records of each time and which medications the puppies are given.

Hips and Elbows - Standard guarantee on hips and elbows is 24 months or two years of age. There is mounting evidence that hip and elbow issues are only partially hereditary. For this reason we encourage everyone to limit high impact activities and stairs until the pup is grown along with require feeding a quality food. 

Puppy Folder - We provide a folder with the puppies registration paper, health record, exam paper, The parents health tests can be downloaded online and found on our planned breeding page. 

Dew Claws - We have made the conscious choice to leave dew claws in tact. There are a lot of reasons and some science to support that it is better for the dog. 

24 Hour Lifetime Support - We are always here if you need us. Training issues, celebrate successes, and of course awwe over your adorable furry family member.

Puppy Packs - Every puppy goes home with a puppy pack. This includes a small bag of food (we also require you to have your food ordered before they go home), a small bag of the potty pellets we have been using in the puppy potty area and some toys. 

Worms/Giardia/Coccidia Free - We guarantee that when puppy leaves here they do not have worms, coccidia or giardia. We are able to do this because we do preventative treatment for these parasite infections along with keeping our whelping and puppy areas exceptionally clean. Which also helps with house training! 

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