Our Guarantee


All puppies will have an exam done by a licensed veterinarian, their first set of shots and wormed as many times as are appropriate for age before they go home. We also provide to you records of any medication, shots, nail trimming, wormer your puppy has had along with all health clearances and pedigrees of parents. Our limited inherited diseases guarantee is our promise that these puppies will not be effected by a lot of the common Labrador health issues that are genetically inherited. See full list in the Puppy Agreement.

Dew Claws -

We have made the decision to leave dew claws intact on all of our puppies.  Since we started leaving them intact our puppies walk sooner, wabble less, have a better grip on their toys and a more confidant stride when running and walking. They use their dew claws and the tendons they are attached to to keep their legs stable and get a grip on slippery surfaces. In our experience, they do not get caught any more than a regular nail if they are properly maintained. 

AKC Registration -

AKC registration papers will be provided in each Puppy Folder. This form documents that the Labrador you are bringing home is pure bred and registerable with AKC. Our puppies come with limited registration, if you desire full registration please make sure you discuss that with us upfront. 

Puppy Culture -

This is a program that was developed by breeders, veterinarians and dog behavior specialists to "inoculate" a puppy from behavioral issues. We have all seen dogs that are afraid of weird things or guard their food , or an object. These dogs can become dangerous quickly if not handled appropriately. Since the last thing we want to do is manage our dogs poor behavior constantly, we believe preventing these issues instead of managing them later is the appropriate action. This is why we use puppy culture.

Hips and Elbows -

Our standard guarantee on hips and elbows is 24 months. There is mounting evidence that the occurrence of hip dysplasia is much less on the genetic side than originally thought and more on environmental and nutrition factors. In light of this information, we encourage everyone to feed the best food you can along with limit high impact activities or heavy exercise while your pup is still growing.

Puppy Folder -

Our puppy folders have lots of great information about puppy ownership, training, health clearances of parents, pedigrees of parents, health records, a copy of your puppy agreement and our contact information inside. A convenient place to keep all of your new puppies information.

24 hour Lifetime Support -

Yes, I really mean it. If you happen to be at your wits end with kennel training at 2 am and you call me, I will more than likely actually answer my phone. It may take me a little bit to realize who you are and wake up, but I answer! Of course we prefer to have these conversations during the day, but sometimes you just need some 2 am puppy support. I am here for you and I feel your pain,  X 12, they do the same things here.

If you need training help or are wondering why your puppy does that.... Shoot us a message and we would be happy to assist. If we don't have the answer we have other people to ask and will help you find an effect solution. 

We are committed to the lifelong happiness of the animals we produce which means helping their families understand each individual dog.

***We are open by appointment only***

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