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FSR Dakota's Big Daddy Shark DN VHMA TKN 

We are excited to have Jaws in our breeding program. Jaws is also available for stud to approved females. Don't let his name fool you, he is nothing but love. His stud fee is $1,500 plus any shipping and collection costs. Please see our Stud page for requirements and additional services offered.


EIC - Clear 

CNM - Clear

DM - Clear

HNPK - Clear

MCD - Clear

Hyperuricosuria - Clear

Cystinuria - Clear

PRCD - Clear

Myotubular Myopathy  -Clear

Retinal Dysplasia-/OSD-Clear

Pk Deficiency-Clear

OFA Hip - Good

OFA Elbow - Normal

Congenital Heart Disease - Clear

Patellar Luxation - Clear

Full Dentition

80 lbs


Dilute Black Carries Chocolate



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