Planned Breeding Summer of 2021

Canvasback Retrievers Warrior Princess (Xena)


Hoof-N-Paw Hades of Lavish Labs (Hades)

 Picks are reserved by Male and Female, not by color. 

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Price includes Minnesota sales tax, a healthy start puppy pack, worming and preventative treatment for giardia and coccidia, first set of shots, a vet exam,  kennel and potty training, feathers, noise desensitization and the Puppy Culture program for breeders. This program gives your puppy the best start possible on understanding concepts and how to fit into the world. 

*Breeding rights are an additional fee and may not be available for every dog. 


1. Katy C.

2. Steve W.

3. Christopher F.

4. Susan A.

5. Matt S.


1. Guardian Home

2. Brian H.

3. Robert H.

4. Sara L.