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New Puppy Must Haves

We have put together a list of things that are helpful in keeping your new puppy safe, entertained and properly nourished. This list will also help keep your house odor free, and your mind clear of worry when you need to leave your pup alone for any amount of time. 

Food and Water Bowls - We recommend stainless steel for ease of cleaning. 

Non Slip Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Non Slip Stainless Steel Dog Bowls 6 Cup

Pet Containment - We recommend kennel training. Even if you aren't kennel training, when your pup isn't able to be supervised we recommend a pet playpen. Keep your puppy safe, prevent accidental reinforcement and speed house training by not letting puppy run the house while you are not able to watch him closely.

Black Metal Exercise Pen

Welded Wire Dog Run

Midwest Crate Folding Wire Dog Kennel

Plastic Non Folding Dog Crate

Dog Beds- We recommend that dogs have their own space to lay down and relax. We also recommend not leaving anything stuffed in their kennels so they don't end up with an obstruction.


Dog Bed Mat w Waterproof Lining - Washable Cover

Chew Proof Raised Dog Bed

Elevated Dog Bed Cot

Dog Toys - If you plan to leave toys in the kennel or pen with your dog while they are unsupervised, we suggest hard bones that are thick so that they cannot chew through them and swallow a piece! Only leave soft or stuffed toys with your dog while they are supervised. 

Hard Chews -


Kseroo Aggressive Chew Bone

Tough Dog Toys Bone For Aggressive Chewers

Pet Stages Dog Chew Stick

Elk Antlers Chew

Dinosaur Bark Bone

Brain Busters- Keep your pet busy and engaged

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Game

Suction Cup Doggy Tug Toy Puzzle Game


Rope Toys

Dog Training Tools - These will help you clean up on walks and reinforce good behavior. 


2 Dog Reflective Leash w Comfort Grip

Long Light Weight Training Lead

Poop Pouches W Dispenser

Fun Designed Leash

Hunting Dog Training Tools - Feathers help bring out the natural drive that retrievers have. Whether your dog will hunt or not, it can be a fun way to help focus that puppy energy! Never let your dog lay down and eat feathers when they are a puppy though. This will teach them to eat your birds later. Always make sure it's a retrieving game, not a snack!

Pheasant Wings

Pheasant Pelt

Quail Wings

Bird Stuffy Squeaky Toy

Cleaning and Deodorizing - We highly recommend these product for cleaning hard surfaces, laundry, and carpet! As you all know, we have puppies. Although they try really hard, they don't always make it to the potty area. These products help us keep a fresh house. 

Bio Base Floor Wash

Bio Deodorizer Spray

Kids and Pets Stain and Odor Remover

Kids and Pets Stain and Odor Remover - Gallon

Food and Treats - These things can be a source of joy and heath or an unrealized source of stinky farts, loose stools and allergies. We use these products because they provide the healthy glow, firm stools, less shedding, and consistent energy (even while pregnant and nursing) that we were trying to achieve through supplements and switching foods regularly before we found these products. The ingredients, guaranteed live probiotics and lack of unneeded fillers like food coloring and corn speak for themselves. Not to mention how great your dog will look and feel while using them. 

As part of our puppies basic nutrition while they are here with us, we provide them with the All Life Stages Food, Wellness Supplement and Fish Oil. We Also only use Life's Abundance treats and bath products with our dogs and puppies. We suggest everyone do the same. Life's Abundance is a company we can trust. Although they have never had a recall, if they were to, they have every individual persons information so they can contact us swiftly. You can't say that about the food that you get at the pet store.

All Life Stages Food - What we feed Dogs and Puppies

All Stage Healthy Start Pack

Turkey and Shrimp Wet Food

Chicken and Crab Wet Food

Canned Pork and Venison Pate Wet Food

Cat Products


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